Upcycled Art with Isaac Preston

Isaac uses recycled items to create masterful sculptures. Learn about his process & make a piece of your own!

Mouth Council by Billy Mays

Billy Mays III gathers a circle of random participants together to create a space for free vocal expression. Each session is completely unique, an improvised electronic culmination of immediate collaboration.

Drum Circles with CaveMan Jones

Caveman completed intensive Drummer Instructor Training (DIT) in 2014 and has been sharing what he learned ever since with his community drum school Holoryhythm.

West-African Drumming with Atiba Rorie

Djembe master Atiba Rorie has studied with masters such as Babatunde Olatunji and Fahali Igbo and has worked with The National Dance Ensemble of Ghana in Accra, Ghana.

Intro to World Percussion with Jeremy Rodriguez & Liberty High World Percussion Ensemble

Drumming clinics by nationally recognized instructor Rodriguez are a mainstay of our festival.   

Sound Healing Meditation with Shannon Shine, Selomon & Ashton Robertson

The trio operates and run Phoenix Landing Wellness, a collective of holistic practitioners. There are numerous experiments that show sound healing is a legitimate tool for healing the mind, body and spirit. Join them as they play a number of sound healing instruments including a crystal singing bowl. Ambient music designed by Cloudz and Selomon will create a space of peace, tranquility and healing.

Beginner Traditional Egyptian Bellydance with Mariella

Mariella of The Gypsy Funk Squad will perform on Saturday share her skills with you in a workshop!  She will cover the history of Egyptian belly dance as well as technique. She says that Belly dance is not only a mesmerizing and ancient art form, It is a way to free ourselves of the binds that no longer serve us. “To dance is to learn to let go of our insecurity, our inhibition, our mental and emotional blocks that create layers of falseness in our lives. It is to learn to be comfortable in the body and to take complete control of our mental space.  It is a way to reconnect with the divine through self love and the ecstatic expression of that love. It is an art form that does not hate or discriminate, Everyone can dance! Male, Female, young & old - all are welcome.”

Intro to playing, the Middle-Eastern Doumbek with Jack Lowry

Intro to playing, the Middle-Eastern, Doumbek (goblet) Hand Drum. We will learn the three basic hits - Dum, Tek and Ka. Then we will put those together to make ayyoub, chiftitelli and maqsoum rhythms (maybe even masmoudi, beledi, and saidi rhythms too). . If we are feeling ambitious we can even try some 9/8 rhythms; Karsilama; “Gypsy Nine”! Bring your frame drum, dumbek or any drum! I will have only a few to share. I will have hand out sheets to take home of the rhythms  notated. 

Light and Color Meditation with Pathdrummer

Pathdrummer- Thom and Judy Dandridge have been on a journey of love and adventure for 46 years. Their company Pathdrummer promotes spiritual healing and relaxation through the use of the drum. They are drum keepers of a Spirit Awakening Drum named Beverly, which came to them in a vision during a pipe ceremony and they began the journey of realizing this vision in 2010. Beverly, the Spirit Awakening Drum, is 36 inches in diameter and has a full, deep tone that promotes healing through vibrations and relaxation. To our knowledge, there is no other drum like this in the world. They will present Sound and Lighting Healing Meditations at 9 a.m. each morning of Culturefest.


Joanie Boyle

Sara Golden

Little Warriors Yoga and Mindfulness is the product of Nicci Bragg’s love of children and yoga! Certified through Kidding Around Yoga, Nicci strives to help children be warriors not worriers! Born and raised in the mountains of southern West Virginia, Nicci currently resides in Virginia with the love her life, Jaysun, and their two glorious children, Chance and Avery.

Carter Layfield is certified yoga & meditation teacher, and creator of The Mind Abides (www.themindabides.org), which introduces individuals, community and business groups to the power of the mind and the benefits of a radiant lifestyle. Radiant Body Yoga suits practitioners of all levels as it incorporates not only physical posture, but breathwork, kriya, meditation, and chanting. The focus is on the internal energetic workings of the individual and on helping each student to experience a state of ‘beingness.’ Carter says, “To me, this is what yoga is truly about. It’s not how flexible we are, or how good we look in a pose. It’s about touching that source of light inside us all, and then consciously choosing to radiate that to everyone around us.”


Kristen fell in love with yoga early on in life. After practicing for 10yrs she decided to share this love by becoming a teacher. Her ever evolving journey has taken her to a place where she is being reminded of the vast healing powers even the most basic practice can have. She says, Come stretch with me! Let’s move some energy around in this gentle evening practice, recharging by opening up the channels for the full night ahead!”

Conversations at Culturefest

“Living the Dream with Jody Queen”

Long time Culturefest family member Jody Queen is living his dream. He’s been a fisherman for as long as he can remember; it has been the common thread running through his life, wherever he’s been, whatever he’s been doing, and for the last few years, what he’s been doing is firmly establishing his ranking as one of the top anglers in the country. He has steadily risen through the ranks to settle into the top tier, having fished well over 100 tournaments, and spending around 300 days a year on the water. Jody will tell us what it’s been like to follow his passion and create the life of his dreams, and encourage you to do the same.

Gabrielle Chapman is the inaugural director of Call to Action for Racial Equality, a statewide racial equity coalition geared towards dismantling oppressive structures and institutional racism plaguing black and brown communities across the state of West Virginia. She carries the story and perspective of a millennial who is a mixed race, black woman in West Virginia and lends her skill set to open up often complex conversations around race and identity with hopes to strengthen her community and to grow a statewide racial equity network.

“What is Appalachian Art?”

with Chase Bowman, owner & curator of Holler Contemporary Appalachian Art Gallery

Chase Bowman is a WV artist who focuses on 2D watercolor, colored pencil sketches and 3D paper sculptures. He received his BFA from Marshall University and his MFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design and is now a full time lecturer at Concord University. He established Holler Contemporary Art Gallery in the Mercer Street Grassroots District in downtown Princeton and is committed to showcasing the work of contemporary Appalachian artists whose work explores the region’s unique culture from new or underrepresented points of view.

“Challenges in Today’s Society: My Role As a Positive Agent of Change My Community”

with Diane Grych

Dr. Diane Grych is a recently retired Assistant Professor of Education from Concord University, with a focus on multicultural education and early childhood special education. She is a member

of the Baha’is of Princeton.

“Exploring Diverse Religious Perspectives”

with Cody Perkins

Cody, a gifted musical artist, has a passion for exploring philosophy and has a deep yearning for understanding. He loves to read and delve deep into religious texts of the world. In his conversation, he will share thoughts and open the doors to introspective conversation.

Kyudo, the Way of the Bow, is one of the oldest arts of the Japanese tradition of contemplative warriorship. The focus of the practice is working on the mind rather than on marksmanship. Working with the precision of the form, a natural process gradually unfolds through which the practitioner has the opportunity to see the mind more clearly. The target becomes a mirror reflecting one’s mind at the moment of the arrow’s release. 

Sweet Marie, instructor and practitioner for 33 years, is offering a Kyudo demonstration for the Culturefest community.  Everyone is welcome to witness this elegant and profound practice. Quiet entering and leaving the space, silence during the demonstration is appropriate and appreciated.


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