Shannon Shine

Shannon Shine, the creative force behind Shine Time Studios Art and Wellness, is a multifaceted artist, motivational speaker, and podcast host dedicated to illuminating the path of healing and self-discovery through art, spirituality, and transformative practices. With a lifelong passion for art and an innate gift for public speaking, Shannon embarked on a mission to empower others after experiencing her own profound journey of grief and healing. Shannon's artistry is a vibrant tapestry of mixed media, primarily acrylic painting, featuring ethereal angels, majestic animals, and the beauty of nature. Each piece is a testament to transformation, connection, and resilience, echoing her own experiences of emerging from darkness into light. Her creations are imbued with spiritual symbolism, portraying sacred spaces, intuitive designs, and the radiant power of shining through adversity. In addition to her visual art and motivational work, Shannon crafts exquisite jewelry designed to harness the energies of crystals, fostering healing and connection. Drawing on her extensive experience in jewelry making, her creations are not just adornments but conduits for positive energy, encouraging wearers to embrace their their inner light and strength.


Kabrea A. James is a journalist, artist and passionate light-worker from Beckley, West Virginia. A graduate from Marshall University, James received her Bachelor’s degree in Print Journalism and Creative Writing. She formerly worked as the Digital Media Editor and Crime Reporter for the Register-Herald and now focuses on her natural hair care line and spiritual advising services, which are available on her online store, Euphoricc Dreams. James still explores different forms of writing in her spare time.  She also produces short films, vlogs and offers public and private spiritual consultation through her YouTube channel ‘Euphoricc Dreams’. James is the creator and main contributor of James is also a reporter for Black By God – The West Virginian.

EMLEE 100 / Emily Ecker 

Emlee recently located to Mercer County, WV from Southern California. She has been interested in experimenting and practicing multiple artistic mediums since childhood. She studied at FIDM as a Fashion Design Major, and studied Realism Oil Portraiture in Atelier classes Nov 2019 - Jun 2021. Some recent highlights:

- Solo Showcase in WV, Aug 2022  

- Art displayed in Blackmarket LA, Dec 2022

- Art in Motley Mag Vol.3 & Vol.4

- Circus Installation Art in WV, Opened May 6 2023

Luanna Harrison

LuLu is a multimedia artist and owner of LuLu creations. She enjoys painting whimsically to stoke joy,and has especially enjoyed deepening into the art of performance painting since becoming involved in events in Princeton. She looks forward to being a part of the creative, collaborative scene live painting at First Fridays, and showcasing her work. 

Fluidity Performance Troupe specializes in awe-inspiring Cirque performances. Featuring high skilled and captivating shows of aerial acrobatics, fire arts, ground acrobatics, stilt walking, and more, they add elements of wonder and awe to any event at which they are present. In addition to performances, the artists of Fluidity design their costumes and set, and map out a multifaceted experience for their clients. With creativity as their compass, they turn ordinary gatherings into extraordinary memories, leaving a lasting impression on every audience.


Fluidity understands the importance of excellence both on and off the stage. Therefore, they develop a professional stage presence through investment in the artists who work with them. Behind the incredible artists stands Maria Ekaterina, whose diverse background and unwavering passion drive the troupe. With a foundation in fashion design, and a first-degree black belt in Taekwondo, Maria's dedication to mastering various disciplines ensures top-notch performances. 

Fluidity Performance Troupe has earned acclaim for professionalism and creativity from clients like Front Porch Festival, Floyd Center for the Arts, and Body Mind Spirit Expo. Specializing in aerial acrobatics, fire arts, and ground acrobatics, we bring sophistication and grace to every event, leaving a lasting impression with our wow-worthy performances.