Dance as Resistance and Healing 

with Laurie Goux 

Laurie is an accomplished  dancer, choreographer and producer. She has performed and taught at Augusta Festival at Davis & Elkins College and lectured on the African Influence in Appalachian music and dance since 2011. This year she returns to teach Blues and Afro-Brazilian dance. Laurie has performed and choreographed throughout Chicago starting in 1981 and was one of Chicago’s most multifaceted artists. She founded Spiritwing Dance Ensemble, and is now an adjunct professor of dance at West Virginia Wesleyan College.





Indian Dance with Reena Shah

A multi-disciplinary artist, Reena is most recognized for her work in Guggenheim Fellowship Recipient, Nina Paley’s Award Winning Animated Feature Film, Sita Sings the Blues, where she was the speaking voice of Sita as well as singer + choreographer + rotoscoped dancer of the song "Agni Pariksha" from the film. Her Husband, musician/singer/producer Todd Michaelsen, composed the music score & original songs for the film.

Reena had the opportunity to be a Cultural Ambassador through the US Embassy in Peru and represent Sita Sings The Blues. She taught Master Classes in Indian Dance for 2 weeks throughout Peru during the American Film Institute's Project 20/20 Tour which included 4 cities: Lima, Cusco, Puerto Maldonado, & Tarapoto. It was a true cross-cultural experience for Reena and the local communities involved. The AFI's Project 20/20 Program has now transitioned over to the The Sundance Institute as Film Forward: Advancing Cultural Dialogue.

Reena will give an Indian dance workshop for Culturefest.

Plein Air Painting & Hoop Dancing

with Silver Arrow Art

Lacey Vilandry's love for painting stems from coming from an artistic family. As a child her mother instilled in her an artistic practice that provided not only a way to provide an escape in stressful times, but also to express and cultivate her imagination. She graduated with a BFA from James Madison University in 2016 and has shown in several fine art gallery settings. Fall 2017 she had the honor of being named Artist of the Year with the Crystal Chalice Awards. During the summer of 2017 and 2018 she continued her education with the Vienna Academy for Visionary Art, and even further at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. She is exploring all the different paths open to her, and while she is excited to see where she goes, she is thoroughly enjoying the journey.

Sound Meditation

with Shannon Shine and Selomon

Shannon Shine is a spiritual guide, Vlogging and creating content and tools for change with motivational, inspirational, and transformational messages. She is here to help you transform and Light Up Your Life!

Yoga with Joanie of The Gaia Den

Joanie Bailey is the creator of The Gaia Den Yoga & Healing Arts Studio in downtown Princeton. She has been involved in Culturefest for nearly a decade, teaching yoga & meditation and generally helping with all aspects of the energy of the festival on the magical mountaintop.