A wide variety of workshops will take place throughout the weekend from yoga to drumming to dance to astronomy and points in between.

Embrace your child-like learning nature and come play! See how movement and flow can increase your mental and physical stamina as well as happiness and attitude towards life. The Flow Zone is an interactive free-form play ground where you can try out a flow-tool like a Hoop, Staff, or Poi without time restraints, pressure or obligation. We can also offer on-the-spot free-form beginner instruction that is fun, exciting, and informative because it’s customized to you. So let go of your hesitation and come enjoy how good it can feel to dance and play in the Flow Zone.

Full Circle Arts also provides custom one-of-a-kind hand made flow props for sale. Hoops of all sizes including LED (glow) Hoops, Flow/Contact Staff's, and beautifully patterned cloth Poi.

Energy Infused Drum Meditation with Pathdrummer

Drumming is a powerful tool that helps connect your mind, body, and soul. Pathdrummer's guided drum meditation can vary in time and allows you to go deep into a meditative state of consciousness.

*AMTGuard Live Action Role Play is Medieval Combat -w- safe foam replica weapons




PLUS, gaze into the night sky with astronomer Dave Buhrman of  WV Sky Tours.  

photo by Kate Moore Photography


2010 Drum Workshop

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